venerdì 20 novembre 2020

Announcing... SWAT4(HC)LS 202...1

This may not come as a surprise, as there has been no communication from SWAT during the past year. 

As a matter of fact we had already planned the logistic for the SWAT4HCLS 2020, when the pandemic imposed the first lockdown across the globe. We have been thinking a bit on whether to host a physical event or not and later, as the second wave hit,  whether to host an online event.

At the end uncertainty didn't play well for us, and we have decided that is best to skip one year... and announce directly the 2021 event, that will be hosted on Leiden (NL) in December.

If you miss some SWAT community, we may still hold a 1 day virtual hackathon. If you are interested, please register your availability and ideas here: