lunedì 23 novembre 2009

SWAT4LS aftermath

The 2009 edition of SWAT4LS was held on the November 20th in Amsterdam.
It was attended by 56 participants.
We collected some feedback (from about 60%) of the participants.

The scientific quality of the workshop was rated very good (top evaluation) from 28% , good by 66% and average by 6% of participants.

The most appreciated aspects have been the keynotes, the constructive atmosphere, the content and the limited size.

The most problematic aspects were related to the organization, in particular the difficulty to find the place (construction site) and the delays. These last point is related to another frequent complaint: the tight timing.

A vast majority of people indicated that they would like to see a longer workshop (2 days) with a tutorial session.

Among desiderata for the next workshop is in primis more technical/"how to" related content, which seems to fit the request for a tutorial session.

All participants expressed (if possible) the intention to participate to the next edition of the workshop.