mercoledì 23 novembre 2016

Our social event!

This is the first time that we are organizing a social event at SWAT4LS: hence perhaps this deserves a blog post.

Our social event will offer you an unique way to get to know Amsterdam, by boat. We will visit the fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which is organised from December 1st until January 22nd and will light up Amsterdam. Over 35 artworks from international artists, designers and architects find their way to the city of Amsterdam. The artworks are partly located alongside the Amsterdam canals. A 75-minute boat tour on original Frisian/Dutch Tjalk boats will take us along, under and through spectacular light artworks. In the meantime, drinks and bites will be served.

After the boat trip, we will have dinner at Restaurant Cafe Van Puffelen. Restaurant Cafe van Puffelen is located on the Prinsengracht. In the middle of the Jordaan district, in the area around the characteristic ’Negen Straatjes’ (nine little streets): they couldn’t have had a better location. Once just a small and authentic Amsterdam ‘bruin cafe’ (brown bar), but after a couple of expansions Restaurant Cafe van Puffelen has become a hotspot in the city and a place that every ‘Amsterdammer’ knows.