domenica 21 ottobre 2012

Ann Marie Martin (IMI) to keynote at SWAT4LS

We are happy the announce that Ann Marie Martin (IMI) will be joining our keynotes for SWAT4LS 2012

Ann Marie Martin
Principal Scientific Manager, Knowledge Management
European Innovative Medicine Initiative

Joining Private and Public Forces to Boost Innovation in Healthcare
The Innovative Medicines Initiative and Knowledge Management

IMI is a public-private partnership between the European Union, represented by the European Commission, and the pharmaceutical industry, represented by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). IMI’s total budget amounts to €2 billion. €1 billion is invested from the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), which is matched by contributions from EFPIA and its member companies.
As output, IMI is currently funding 42 projects representing an investment of € 1.200 million (for a description All projects have a knowledge management component and IMI has concluded a memorandum of understanding with CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) a standards development organization well known within the Pharmaceutical industry to address the need to use both format and content standards in the projects. Furthermore some projects have specific knowledge management objectives including one project adopting specifically semantic web technologies: Open PHACTS.

giovedì 11 ottobre 2012

Announcin the SWAT4LS Hackathon, 2012

The SWAT4LS Hackathon is taking shape. A preliminary program can be found at:

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

Early registration deadline is open!

The early registration deadline to SWAT4LS is open, and will remain open until October 22nd.
If you are already planning to attend the workshop, please register at: or via the following form: