mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

SWAT4LS and CIViC Variationa Curation Jamboree and Hackathon: synergies in Amsterdam!

This year SWAT4LS ( and CIViC Variant Curation Jamboree and Hackathon ( are both at the NKI in Amsterdam, only separated by the weekend.  This brings the opportunity for potential synergy, where content from CIViC  is curated and presented in a Semantic Web-ready format, which is then integrated with other resources on the Semantic Web at SWAT4LS.
Attendance at both events would certainly benefit from such a cross-pollination. To enable this, we cordially invite attendees of SWAT4LS to join the CIViC Jamboree and Hackaton and vice versa. Joining the CIViC Jamboree/Hackaton is free of charge. Attendees for the CIViC Jamboree get a 20% discount when registering for SWAT4LS events (discount codes will be distributed at the CIViC Jamboree and Hackathon).

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